Eymundsson is the oldest and largest bookseller in Iceland epitomizing the Icelandic bookstore. With shops in every major town, Eymundsson offers a wide selection of books, magazines and other reading material, in Icelandic, English and other languages. 

Eymundsson strives to create a comfortable atmosphere with experienced staff on hand. Our clients have access to expert information on books and school products for students of all ages, all things for the perfect gift, travel-products, games and chess-products, music, souvenirs, cognitive toys as well as art products for professionals and hobbyists. 

The Eymundsson staff are over 200 all around the country. Our main number is 540-2000. 

Eymundsson offers over 1000 titles of newspapers printed on demand in our store in Austurstræti, downtown Reykjavík.

Eymundsson.is offers a comprehensive selection of Icelandic literature, both in the original Icelandic and in translation. Here you will find the great literary works of the past, along with contemporary fiction, poetry and children‘s books. We also have a large selection of non-fiction, including art, photography, travel books and much more.  Our CD&DVD section offers the best of Icelandic music and film. 

We ship internationally. We accept all major credit cards.

Currently we are developing our international site, in the meantime we strongly recommend to use Google translate solution (you can open up the website here 
Please note that it will open up in the same browser and you can change languages, please make sure that your browser is supported by the service.

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